Robert Pilot 1898-1967

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Robert Wakeham Pilot, painter (b at St John's 9 Oct 1898; d at Montréal 17 Dec 1967), stepson of painter Maurice Cullen. Pilot's best pictures are moody views of the St Lawrence River, such as Quebec from Levis, and seascapes of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Pilot is also widely recognized as the painter of snow-covered Rockies that contributed to the prevailing view of Canada as a country of blue and white peaks with pink and purple shadows. He studied in Paris (1920-22), then returned to work with William Brymner, Edmond Dyonnet, and Cullen in Montréal. His later oils, sketches and murals had a stiff literal quality, but his work was well received. He was elected an associate of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 1925 and was president 1952-54.

Source: The Canadian Encyclopedia