Jennie Edmonds Hancock

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Pine in the Fall — Jennie Edmonds Hancock

Pine in the Fall — Jennie Edmonds Hancock

Pine in the Fall
Acrylic on Masonite
Image Size: 38 x 46 inches
Price: SOLD
Details: Signed, titled on verso
Framed: Measures approximately 39 x 47 inches.
Provenance: Private Collection, Nova Scotia.

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Jeannie Edmonds Hancock was born in Halifax in 1946 and showed a talent for painting and drawing while she was still a child. Following high school, she attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Shortly after graduating from NSCAD, Jeannie was appointed the official artist for the Canada Games, which was held in Halifax in 1969. She became a well-known local artist noted for her large-scale landscapes and studies of sports figures, which were executed in oil on board panels covered in fibreglass.
In recent years, Jeannie has been living in the Annapolis Valley, working in oils and generally in a smaller format than when she was younger. She still paints actively and there is an active market for her work.