Evan Maxwell

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Cows in Pasture — Evan Maxwell

Evan Maxwell painting

Cows in Pasture — 2010
Oil on Masonite
Image Size: 18  x 24 inches
Price: 1100
Details: Signed and dates front, letter of valuation from artist and title on verso
Framed: Measures approximately 24 x 30 inches.
Provenance: Private Collection, Nova Scotia.

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Evan Maxwell is a multi-faceted artist that works and moves freely within a number of mediums. Evan graduated in Fine Arts and Design Majoring in Ceramic Sculpture. He developed strong drawing and design skills when he was a very young boy, and this discipline was carried forward into the bodies of work he now creates. He has received academic awards and teaches various painting and drawing techniques to all ages. His original, paintings, portraits, illustrations and also his prints have been sold across Canada and the States to various collectors and his work has been published in books, newspapers (Chronicle Herald) and various magazines (East Coast Living Magazine – Winter 2009/2010). He shows his work in the Maritime Provinces where he now lives and also has had various showings in Ontario Galleries (Collingwood / Barrie and Georgian Bay Area). His work is realistic with a certain surrealistic quality.

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